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Magic TG Tracker 3,7.4 - New Phyrexia is here

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First some news about Magic TG tracker apps, both are in 4.5 stars:

  • Pro version has +1000 downloads / +125 ratings
  • Lite version has +80.000¬†downloads¬†/ +2.000 ratings WOW, we are aiming for the 100K downloads now!
Many thanks to everyone that has gave me feedback, reported bugs or suggested features, even the ones that just left a comment. I appreciate it a lot. That made MtG tracker the most popular Magic app out there and I want to keep improving it. But for now, back to business.


I have not updated the blog for the previous minor updates, but this is a good one.

Magic TG Tracker is here with the cards of New Phyrexia! Including the new Phyrexian mana symbols:

But what's new for this version is not only Phyrexia:

  • Draw Button in the Hand Generator of the pro version, which has been a very requested feature
  • Bug and crash fixing in the Deck Edit screen

In previous versions there were some interesting improvements:

  • Tablet support:
    • Lots of crashes (hopefully all of them) in Honeycomb have been fixed
    • Life screen in tabs now fits the screen (i.e. galaxy tab)
  • Poison counters for 2HG has been updated to the new rule (15 counters per team)
  • Card Images are viewable

You can see an example below:

A newer version with a collection and wishlist is coming. A special spot for the general in EDH decks is a posibility, but I am not sure yet.

Good Luck at the prereleases!