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Magic TG Tracker 3.7 - Advanced search

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There we go, Magic TG Tracker 3.7 is out, this is the market link:


From now on, all new features will be previewed on the Pro version of Magic TG Tracker, which, by the way, has more than 500 users now. I want to have a closer loop of feedback and more frequent updates.

With that, the product will evolve in a way the users enjoy it more. Expect at least one or two minor updates soon.

Once in a while, I will update the free version with this new features, some of them probably stripped out.

In this version we have Advanced search, something most of the users have been asking for. It looks like this:


As you can see it includes:


  • Name Filtering
  • Type Filtering
  • Set selector
  • Color filtering
To be honest, there was no more space on the screen and I took the most important filtering criteria I could think of.
Surely, converted mana cost or power for creatures are handy, but I believe this ones are more important. In fact a lot of people was asking for a set browser.
That's it, enjoy!