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Magic TG Tracker 3.5.1 released

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A new version of Magic TG Tracker is available on the Market! Unfortunately, 3.5 had some bugs when I submitted it and I had to update it to 3.5.1, be aware, 3.5 will crash when trying to edit a deck from a fresh install.

The new features and bugfixes are:



  • Deck split in lands/creatures/spells. Now when you add a deck it automatically classifies each card into this category.(see screenshot)
  • Bug of 2nd search not displaying fixed. In the previous version, performing a search from the result was not working, this has been fixed
  • Type of card is included on the search result list. Previous version only had name and cost, now the type is also there (see screenshot)
  • Updated translations, Spanish, French and Dutch
  • Added loyalty for planeswalkers. Somehow this was forgotten and that information was not displayed.
  • Mana costs greater than 9 are displayed correctly (hello Emrakul, hello Darksteel Colossus)
And of course, a direct link for people with tablets or any other problem with the android market: Magic TG Tracker 3.5.1
Here you can see the split into the different sections of a deck:
And in this other screenshot the new search results: