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Magic TG Tracker 3.3 released

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Here we go, after playing Scars of Mirrodin release party I got
convinced that I needed 3 things:

  • Poison counters
  • Two Headed Giant mode

So I did both, also included a Elder Dragon Highlander mode. It does
not track gneeral damage, only general casts, but it's better than
nothing. See how it looks:

Also I noticed that the Tournament mode had become a bit unusable
since the settings re only accessible through the dashboard. I have
added new menu options fo start and end tournaments in the game
screen. Now you can have tournament mode always on, but not always be
playing a tournament.

Finally, decks are sorted alphabetically, it was a bit of a mess if
you had a lot of decks.

If you have problems with android market, you can download Magic TG Tracker from

Happy poisoning!