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Yet another maintenance release 3.5.3


The previous release still had 3 issues, 2 of them were crashes (in deck edit and deck view) and the 3rd one was that lands were not clickable on decks.

With this new release I expect to have solved all the issues with the 3.5 branch and that everybody feels happy until January with the new release including Mirrodin Besieged.

Finally, the link to download MTG Tracker 3.5.3 from


Magic TG Tracker 3.5.2


It looks like the version 3.5 is the one with the most updates so far. There was a bug in 2.1 devices that made the deck manager crash as soon as you type more than one type of card.

This has been fixed, so version 3.5.2 is here, you can even download MTG Tracker 3.5.2 from

Other news, the app is really close to break the magic number of 50.000 downloads


Magic TG Tracker 3.4


A new version is out, new features are:

  • Global search: Now you can search cards using the global search dialog
  • Filter decks by format: In the list of decks, you can select different formats
  • Deck edit / view: Deck editing has been improved
  • Quick menu actions: Implementing recommended design patterns for android

Some screenshots of the new features:




Magic TG Tracker 3.5.1 released


A new version of Magic TG Tracker is available on the Market! Unfortunately, 3.5 had some bugs when I submitted it and I had to update it to 3.5.1, be aware, 3.5 will crash when trying to edit a deck from a fresh install.

The new features and bugfixes are:



  • Deck split in lands/creatures/spells. Now when you add a deck it automatically classifies each card into this category.(see screenshot)
  • Bug of 2nd search not displaying fixed. In the previous version, performing a search from the result was not working, this has been fixed
  • Type of card is included on the search result list. Previous version only had name and cost, now the type is also there (see screenshot)
  • Updated translations, Spanish, French and Dutch
  • Added loyalty for planeswalkers. Somehow this was forgotten and that information was not displayed.
  • Mana costs greater than 9 are displayed correctly (hello Emrakul, hello Darksteel Colossus)
And of course, a direct link for people with tablets or any other problem with the android market: Magic TG Tracker 3.5.1
Here you can see the split into the different sections of a deck:
And in this other screenshot the new search results:




Magic TG Tracker 3.3.1


This is a minor update to fix some issues:

  • Updated translations to Spanish, French and Danish
  • Dark theme problems (some menus were not visible)
  • Enter text triggers search in Card Search
  • Drag to modify life / poison counters
  • Settings available on Life counter screen
  • Mana pool saves its status now

Each one of this is a small issue, but I hope having fixed all together makes the app much more user friendly.


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