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Magic TG Tracker 3,7.4 - New Phyrexia is here


First some news about Magic TG tracker apps, both are in 4.5 stars:

  • Pro version has +1000 downloads / +125 ratings
  • Lite version has +80.000 downloads / +2.000 ratings WOW, we are aiming for the 100K downloads now!
Many thanks to everyone that has gave me feedback, reported bugs or suggested features, even the ones that just left a comment. I appreciate it a lot. That made MtG tracker the most popular Magic app out there and I want to keep improving it. But for now, back to business.


I have not updated the blog for the previous minor updates, but this is a good one.

Magic TG Tracker is here with the cards of New Phyrexia! Including the new Phyrexian mana symbols:

But what's new for this version is not only Phyrexia:

  • Draw Button in the Hand Generator of the pro version, which has been a very requested feature
  • Bug and crash fixing in the Deck Edit screen

In previous versions there were some interesting improvements:

  • Tablet support:
    • Lots of crashes (hopefully all of them) in Honeycomb have been fixed
    • Life screen in tabs now fits the screen (i.e. galaxy tab)
  • Poison counters for 2HG has been updated to the new rule (15 counters per team)
  • Card Images are viewable

You can see an example below:

A newer version with a collection and wishlist is coming. A special spot for the general in EDH decks is a posibility, but I am not sure yet.

Good Luck at the prereleases!


Magic TG Tracker 3.7 - Advanced search


There we go, Magic TG Tracker 3.7 is out, this is the market link:


From now on, all new features will be previewed on the Pro version of Magic TG Tracker, which, by the way, has more than 500 users now. I want to have a closer loop of feedback and more frequent updates.

With that, the product will evolve in a way the users enjoy it more. Expect at least one or two minor updates soon.

Once in a while, I will update the free version with this new features, some of them probably stripped out.

In this version we have Advanced search, something most of the users have been asking for. It looks like this:


As you can see it includes:


  • Name Filtering
  • Type Filtering
  • Set selector
  • Color filtering
To be honest, there was no more space on the screen and I took the most important filtering criteria I could think of.
Surely, converted mana cost or power for creatures are handy, but I believe this ones are more important. In fact a lot of people was asking for a set browser.
That's it, enjoy!



JuggleDroid Lite 1.0


There were  juggling simulators for PC and also for iPhone, but not for Android, until now!


JuggleDroid is the Android jugglers new friend. It looks like this:


You enter a siteswap then you may select the dwell, beats per minute and hand movement.

Available hand movements are:


  • Normal
  • Reverse
  • Mill-mess
  • Windmill
  • Shower
Once you have your pattern press "Juggle" and watch the animation.





It also includes a pattern list of 200+ sitewaps sorted by category similar to the one from JuggleMaster that you can select from the other tab. Sorry, no multiplex or synchronous yet.

The lite version is Ad supported and does not include any of the following features, which will be present in the full version.


  • Multiplex
  • Synchronous
  • Throws higher than 9




Magic TG Tracker 3.6


Finally a new version is here!

As many requested, Cards from Mirrodin Besieged are included in the database, but wait, there is more:


  • Deck stats, mana curve and hand generator (only in the pro version) are included to decks.
  • Set and Rarity added to card description
  • Dice Roller
  • Deck importing: You have to use a file browser to open it and select "Import Deck"
  • Better stats display
The dice roller includes 4, 6, 10 and 20 sided dices, the planechase dice and a coin, it can be launched from the life screen ad\nd looks like this:
Deck stats includes all games played with the deck and a converted mana cost graph:
Not just that, also some bugfixing has been done:
  • Tournament mode lost stars sometimes
  • Exporting got the wrong amount of cards in the sideboard
Also, from this version the App has ads. If you don't want them you have 2 options:



Finally 50.000 downloads


Finally Magic TG tracker has passed the mythical number of 50.000 downloads. The next hit is 250.000.

During this 50.000 downloads, there have been 1280 comments, and the average has always been above 4.5.

After new years eve the application will go into freemiun mode with a free version that will be ad supported and a full version which will be ad-free.

Of course there will be new features, the list seems like a never ending story, each time I think all the features are there, new ideas come to mind. At least you can count with Mirrodin besieged card list, the rest is going to be a surprise.

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